Holistic Healing and Reiki Sessions

What is Reiki?

Reiki is about creating the space and time for relaxation and rejuvenation of our-selves. So that we can truly identify our emotions, physical problems and see blocks within our body. A healer will use their hands to deliver and direct universal energy into your body and auric field to shift energy that no longer serves us and invite loving, gentle and relaxing energy to balance and sooth your chakras and energy body.

The word Reiki is derived from two Japanese words: rei and ki. Rei means “higher power” or “spiritual power.” Ki means “energy.” Put together, Reiki can be loosely translated as “spiritual life force energy.” Reiki was created by a Buddhist monk named Mikao Usui after meditating for a solution to create healing energy. Reiki is a way to create peace and relaxation and allows those getting treatment to get into a meditative healing state. Out of all the healing modalities it is the least concrete, seems mystical, magical or just a little kooky.

But once you experience an energy healing it is a profound self discovery that leads you to wanting more. For me reiki helped me become more daring, curious and open to my own spirituality and empowered me to make life changes.

What does a Reiki treatment typically look like?

  • Patients are fully clothed and can be worked on lying down on a massage table, sitting, standing or remotely sent energy.
  • Reiki practitioners may lay hands, and through touch create the opportunity to direct energy to areas of the body that are in need of positive energy. The practitioner may appropriately touch parts of your body, although it is not always necessary to deliver healing energy.
  • A reiki practitioners job is to hold a relaxing space for you to receive universal energy. Essentially, we act like a tap to universal energy to allow healing for the person to come through
  • Ultimately any healing or release is always done by the client not the practitioner, a reiki practitioner’s role is to hold the space for your own self discovery and releasing
  • When a treatment starts, the reiki practitioner starts by scanning the body and going through the chakra system as a guide. We will then work based on hand positions on the body or hovering over the body to shift energy
  • Sometimes we will use reiki symbols to i) boost or slow energy frequencies, ii) create emotional tranquility and iii) transcend time and space to provide distant support
  • We may use breathing, crystals, feathers, and music to assist us during a session
  • We end the session by “racking away” energy and grounding you
  • During the session you or your practitioner may receive messages from the body or spirit and at the end of each session we debrief and discuss the session
How does Reiki work?
It can do everything and nothing, the real work is done by the patient and their willingness and openness to release and make changes. Essentially in our life time we can accumulate negativity in our energy bodies and chakras and most times (like any problem we face in life) we can move it ourselves by exercising, eating right, walking in nature, positive affirmations and making behavioural changes. I akin this negative energy to dust bunnies & clutter in the home, you can remove these yourself of course but sometimes you need a little help and this is where reiki comes in. It essentially cleans ‘your house’ (your body) of dust bunnies and things that don’t need to be there. To understand how Reiki works on a scientific level is challenging to explain because science to date has only been able to measure our human energy fields (source Barbara Brennan) and not necessarily the healing science behind it. One area of science that I believe can help explain the phenomena in reiki is quantum physics. There are many observations that scientists have from the splitting of electrons that can not be explained scientifically, where the behaviour of the electrons is influenced from an invisible force – specifically the expectations of the scientists conducting the experiment influences the results– for more on this topic I suggest you watch the movie “Down the Rabbit Hole”.  If you also interested in the science and magic behind these esoteric phenomenon you can check out the work of Dean Radin a leading parapsychologist.  
What does a Reiki treatment feel like and how will I feel after a Reiki Treatment?
What does a Reiki treatment feel like and how will I feel after a Reiki Treatment? It is hard to describe what a reiki treatment feels like because it is different every time – this is because the reiki energy adapts to the need of the receiver and will reflect the intent set by the parties involved. During a treatment a person can feel:
  • Nothing
  • Hot/cold and tingling sensations
  • May feel the presence of other spirits or hands on their body when there is nothing there
  • Relaxed and fall asleep
  • Supported
  • After a reiki treatment no matter what the session is like the most common conclusion is that it is so relaxing. Here are some other outcomes:

    • Helps achieve personal meditative states and relaxation
    • Promotes personal awareness
    • Enhances spiritual connection
    • Fosters natural self-healing
    • Relaxes and reduces stress
    • Balances energies in the body
    • Reduces pain and discomfort – great for headaches
    Are these Reiki and Holistic Sessions covered by insurance?
    Yes they can be! The good news is that Reiki and Holistic Sessions could be covered by your insurance.  Health Insurance Receipts are provided under my membership with the AQTN.

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