I am an Empath- Help!

I am an Empath- Help!

I specialize in working with people’s energy (through reiki and mindful meditations) and I actually have care givers and nurses as clients, so I would love to share some tips from this perspective.

Empathic people are generally kind souls, supporting all those that they meet. It is so natural for empaths to feel everyone else’s journey and this tends to escalate when they are going through their own problems (speaking from experience here as an empath!)

Empaths absorb alot of other people’s feelings into their own body and carry those feelings like they are their own. So as an empath you may feel it by perhaps being tired, indigestion, mentally drained, or a pressure sensation on your heart or stomach.

Being an empath is a gift because you help lighten the day of others (where your patients and your care givers want to be around you because you are so wonderful and make them feel hope and support). On your side you love being helpful but it gets draining. This is where you need to do so some self-care work to release these pressures.

Tips for nurses, caregivers and those that are empaths

So for all my empaths out there especially in the health industry and on the front lines with covid-19 I suggest:

1) Daily meditation to check in on how you feel and use that time to imagine everyone’s burden’s leaving your body.

2) Take salt baths this will re-energize you.

3) Try an exercise you like to do like walking in nature to release others stress.

4) Imagine everyday you go into work putting a white light bubble around you, this image helps remind you that while you are of service and helpful you are shielded and have your own space

5) Try reiki, crystal healing, mindfulness or another energy healing modality – it is fantastic in helping remove these pressures.

For those that are feeling all the pressures right now I made a guided meditation to help you.

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