Energetic Clearing

Energetic Clearing (referred to as smudging) is the ancient art of using herbs and resins to create a sacred space and clear energy from i) spaces ii) people or iii) things.  It then provides the opportunity to invite good intentions, love, universal energy and positive vibes to replace what has been cleared.

Just Breathe uses white sage (herb) and palo santo (wood) in an abalone sea shell to create a ritual to clear energy.

Energetic Clearing is a great aid in reiki treatments, and clearing your house when you move or have been through a major life change.  If you, your house, business or things need an energetic blessing please book me for a session or alternatively if you are wanting to learn how to do it – please contact Just Breathe.

The effects of smudging?
The effects of energic cleansing (or smudging) are that it makes you and your space feel relaxed, calm, inviting and declutters your home from unwanted spiritual and energy attachments. It creates a sacred place of protection where the outside world can be left, well outside! If you work with crystals or have them in your home smudging is a great way to clean them. Plus, the smell is amazing!
How does it work?
Every plant and tree is associated with different properties and assets that we can invite into our lives to enrich our own state of being. So when we burn these herbs or have these plants in our lives they can influence our state of mind, body and spirit and invite the properties that these plants stand for into our space. Specifically, the smoke takes with it and lifts out the negativity and takes it back to the universe for transmutation. Further we can influence the effects of our smudging through the intentions and prayers that we set while performing the ritual.
Properties of the smudging plants White Sage and Palo Santo
White Sage

Contains antibacterial properties and when the dried herb is burned it helps release negativity from ourselves, spaces and things. White Sage is found predominately in California and its properties include healing, cleansing, protection and prosperity.

Palo Santo

Is wood found in South America and has similar properties to sage such has healing, cleansing, and protection. However it’s wooden sweet smell also invites into our home, love, abundance and wisdom. 

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