Just Breathe Children’s Picture book and Music

JustBreathein.ca is representing a collaboration for a children’s book called “Just Breathe” and is in the process of submitting it’s unpublished manuscript to interested publishing houses or those interested in funding and supporting this collaboration.

“Just Breathe” is a non-fiction children’s picture book and accompanying musical song with the same title, targeted at children aged 3-6 and their mindful parents who wish to encourage their children to breathe and relax.

The Just Breathe Team collaboration comprised of 4 people:

  1.  Nicole Fortunaso: a passionate storyteller, author, mother, energy healer and online marketing expert, who has a knack for captivating audiences and sharing wisdom.
  2. Veronika Gruntovskaya: Creative artist, illustrator and instructor, this laughter-filled mother of two has a unique whimsical style to creativity. In March 2017 she illustrated The Pheasant’s Tale or was it his tail? Visit her creations @thefineblackpen (FB & Instagram).
  3. Sonshine & Broccoli: Best friends and musical partners Sonshine and Broccoli have been entertaining families for over a decade, engaging children and parents alike with their infectious enthusiasm and energetic pop-rock songs with two albums. sonshineandbroccoli.com/

“Just Breathe” is about an energetic, yet sensitive 41/2-year-old, named Penelope and how she uses breathing to be in the moment and to stay calm throughout her day. Penelope loves playing with her big brother Ben, but Ben has a different agenda and likes to get Pen off his back! Distressed and hurt Penelope tires to play by herself but is soon overwhelmed by her feelings, she doesn’t want to play by herself. Remembering what her parents tell her about staying calm through breathing and her favorite song “Just Breathe”, Penelope tries this for herself and discovers the power of the breath to shift her mood and mindset. Feeling like herself again, Penelope goes off to play with the family dog Molly, which provides the opportunity for Ben to join them and apologize for his behavior.

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