Mindful Laughter

Mindful Laughter is a new mindfulness program created by Nicole from Just Breathe and Aileen Borruel from Joyful Connections designed to engage teams, reduce stress and bring more joy and mindfulness into the work-place.

Our unique workshop is designed to de-stress and relax you through mindfulness and then uplift your energy through laughter.

Mindful Laughter is perfect for organizations who wish their teams to:

  • Be in the moment and bond
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Create space for more creativity and productivity
  • Add more positivity to the work environment
  • Increase personal resilience
  • Promote emotional wellbeing

Our workshops can be designed around corporate themes and focus points for different events like lunch and learns, team building, corporate personal development, events, and positive starts to strategic initiative days. We have workshops starting at 1hr, 2hrs, half day and full day.

Here you can check out one of our workshops in action:


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