Tarot Reading

Please note due to covid19 our tarot services are done via online appointment only through zoom, facetime, facebook or whatsapp.

Are you looking for guidance, to gain clarity and to feel empowered? 

Than Tarot can be a great tool for you to explore options and get more clarity on your situation.  I use a combination of decks to help you discover which is the right path for you.

Tarot is a card game based off the familiar deck of suited playing cards and has since evolved to provide thoughtful insight through its beautiful illustrations and words.  The way the tarot deck is built is to resemble our journey through life and the personas we embody; new beginnings, endings, love, passions, emotions, intellect, getting stuck and starting over again.   Tarot works simply by acting as a mirror into our consciousness to reveal to us what is there and what path we are currently on.  Tarot is an intricate system of symbols, colours and sometimes with very specific meanings (oracle cards) that can assist us in looking at life differently, encourage, motivate and inspire us.  Currently Nicole reads for a variety of clients in person and internationally, some of her clients even include celebrities.

What is and on-line tarot session and what can I expect?

Using your favorite online video platform we meet online to discuss your needs and questions.  If you don’t have a question that is ok too, as I can do a general reading.  I shuffle the cards in front of you and do a layout of the cards.  I will explain to you the position of the cards and their meanings and act as guide as I take you through your layout.  We can explore topics related to love, life, work and more.  During the session feel free to ask questions and clarify observations that the cards present.  For some clients I may recommend a mini reiki session to go with the reading to help clear negativity and blocks.

If you want to check out my reading style:

Sometimes on Sunday nights I do a free one hour show – Tranquil Tarot – you can see my past ones here.

What Tarot is good for?
Tarot is great for asking general direction questions and brainstorming ideas, it is however not great at yes, no questions. Questions you can ask include about your life, personality, relationships, love life, family, health and career. Just Breathe sometimes uses them after reiki treatments to help bring a sense of clarity around a reiki treatment.
How Just Breathe uses tarot
Just Breathe uses positive vibe tarot decks and oracle cards with a practical positive approach to brainstorming ideas or questions you have about your life in a confidential environment. Just Breathe believes that we all have control over our future outcomes and we have the ability to change paths or directions we are heading in, especially if it is not something we want. So, if the cards are indicating a direction we do not like then feel free to change direction – you have the power. In life there are no guarantees we can not control the outcomes, the situations or our journey, so the best thing we can do is appropriately prepare, protect our thoughts, hearts and minds and stay positive! We ride the wave the best we can and learn from our mistakes. Remember how you deal with a situation is more important than the outcome, whether that outcome be desirable or not.
Can you do distant or skype/FaceTime or WhatApp sessions?
You can do Tarot sessions with via distance with Nicole.  Currently we do this world-wide for a number of our clients, where we can chat with you via skype, facetime, whatsapp or facebook.

Please note that tarot card readings are not an insurable service.  No insurance receipts can be issued for these sessions.

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