Crystal Reiki

Please note due to covid19 our crystal reiki services are done via online appointment only through zoom, facetime, facebook or whatsapp.  To be able to do a crystal reiki session, you will need to provide your own crystals.  You can also hire me for a consultation to pick the best crystals for you to use at this time.

What is Crystal Reiki?

As a certified pro crystal healer from Krista Michelle, Just Breathe can offer crystal therapy and reiki to clients as part of our relaxing one on one sessions. Crystal Healing is a beautiful addition to reiki energy, where the crystals chosen for the session work to support the energy, vibration, frequency and intent of the healing session.

I was featured in 2019 on Breakfast Television Montreal, with Stephanie Erickson, here you can see how crystal therapy works in conjunction with reiki. With Crystal Healing you can see how crystals are placed on key energy points in the body (chakras).

How do Crystals Work?
For any ailment mental, physical or emotional there are crystals and crystal combinations that we can use to support our healing journey. Each crystal has a different healing frequency and vibration attributed by its chemical composition, colour, structure and hardness (aka how it was made). These frequencies and vibrations interact with our energy fields and can assist us with our own healing journey. During reiki sessions the crystals are placed on the body to support the treatment. Crystals can be worn, kept in our pockets and placed under our pillow at night time. If you want to learn more about crystals and which ones you should work with to enhance your being, please contact me!
What can I use crystals for?
Crystals can be used for anything! My personal favorites are:
– Pain relief
– Relaxation and reducing stress and anxiety
– Managing PMS
– Manifesting
– Protection
Just Breathe has over 50 crystal combinations to help support your holistic healing journey
Can you help me work with crystals?
Yes, I can help you choose crystals that are good for supporting your energy system. We are all unique and beautiful and this is reflected in the crystals that we choose to work with. I can help you make and or choose a customized jewelry piece. Contact me below for more information
Is Crystal Reiki covered by insurance?
Yes they can be! The good news is that Reiki and Holistic Sessions could be covered by your insurance under NaturoTherapy.  Health Insurance Receipts are provided under my membership with the AQTN.
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