Stress Relief with Mindfulness

Stress, we all have it!  Stress not only impacts our mind body and spirit but we all have different tolerance levels to it and deal with it differently.  Which can make it difficult because what one person finds relaxing another person finds hard to do and in fact stressful.

My program is designed for kids, teenagers, students and corporations looking for fun and different ways to explore stress relief.  My program centers on:

  1. Identifying the symptoms of stress in our mind, body and spirit and exploring in general with how we react with and to that stress
  2. Naming our triggers, what are things in our world that is triggering our stress
  3. Calming down from stress, what strategies can I use to calm myself down
  4. Being proactive, how can I be proactive and manage my stress better?  And most importantly how can I build my resilience to stress through mindfulness

My approach and philosophies are based on my training as reiki master, meditation, my own personal development, inspired readings, mum, wife and a professional corporate career of over 15 years training, managing and leading people in the workplace.

I can develop a program specific for your group (of any size) that can help create calm and a new fresh perspective on your stress and stress management styles.   Contact me to learn how I can help you community feel good, relaxed and calm!

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