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Stress is a viscous mental state, it can cause health problems, lack of sleep and impact our mental and emotional states.  Unfortunately in our society today we are bombarded by so many things we don’t often understand the true cause of our stress and that in itself is stressful.  This is where working with a coach can help by providing you insights and cues to the triggers of your stress.  It is when we have this clarity that we can actually do something about our stress state and take the time to remove this from our body, minds and spirits.

Just Breathe has a stress relief package that will help you return to clarity and tranquility!

What is included in the Stress Relief package
The stress relief package is designed to create tranquility in your life, in order to do this we need to do some exploration:

  1. Tools to identify your stress states
  2. Identifying the triggers
  3. Look at the reasons why stressors trigger you into stress
  4. Creating an action plan for each stressor. We can develop a variety of mindfulness tools to suit your needs!
  5. Reiki session to provide relaxation and stress relief
  6. Evaluation Based on your situation we will design the sessions and the number needed
What can I expect?
To move past stress you need to take responsibility for your actions and willing to be honest and open to explore your specific situation. With this open honesty you will be met with direct and loving support and understanding and a coach by your side that will be cheer-leading you to your desired sense of calm. To help us get there Just Breathe will use Reiki, life coaching tips and mindfulness techniques to help you find alternatives to reacting to the stress. You will develop an increased sense of resilience to the stressors in your life, leading you to more tranquility. Each session you will be given activities to complete such as quizzes, journals, and mindful activities that support your life style. Your coach will expect you to do complete these activities and make adjustments to your life in order for the stress relief to be beneficial.
How many sessions will I need?
Just Breathe asks for an initial commitment of 5 sessions. Where the first session is 1.5hrs. However after the first few sessions it will become clear to both parties how many sessions you will need. For my price list please see my home page.
Are these Stress Relief Sessions covered by insurance?
Yes they can be! The good news is that this stress relief package could be covered by insurance.  Health Insurance Receipts are provided under my membership with the AQTN.
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