Mindfulness and Guided Visualizations

Need help relaxing and connecting to your-self for clarity and insight.  Just Breathe provides a variety of visual guided meditations to help you focus, relax and connect to your higher-self.  We can even custom record the meditation for you to use on a daily basis or when you need a boost.

I have a 10 week mindfulness program where you can learn about:

  • What is mindfulness?
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Different ways to reach meditative states – sitting still is an option but not required, such as seated (crossed legs or chair), standing, walking and lying down
  • How the mind works, theories on consciousness and how we can clear the mind and detach from our thoughts
  • Become aware of the challenges that stop you from living in the moment
  • Each of the subsequent weeks combines life coaching, quizzes, exercises, affirmations, art, journaling and meditations to explore the following mindful processes with you:
    • How your personal power can fuel your abundance
    • How you can use your creativity to solve problems
    • Have the will power to listen to your body and eat mindfully
    • How love is a driver for mindful relationships
    • How you can express and communicate with ease
    • How to trust your intuition and use it as your navigation system
    • What is your higher purposes
  • Finally we end with developing a proactive strategy customized to help you incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine.
What is Mindfulness?
When we look at this word what you do you think? We often think of the stereo-typical images of monks, Buddha, retreats, isolation, sitting still. When I see this word it is asking me the question “what is your mind full of?” To answer this question we need to observe ourselves, observe our mind, because only when we do this can we start to detach from all the chatter and mind talk that is in our mind and truly relax.  It is in this meditative state created by breathing, sitting and repetitive non-engaging activity (like walking, art or journaling)  that we empty our mind and detach from our emotions, thoughts and feelings.  Mindfulness is then truly about accepting the current state we are in and going with the flow!
What is Visualizations?
Visualization meditations is a type of meditation where the participant focuses on the instructions of the mediator and use their minds eye/ imagination to follow the instructions. While this type of meditation does not clear the mind, it distracts it from its regular chatter so that relaxation may occur.
Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation
There are many benefits to mindfulness: improved brain functioning, stress reduction, better resilience to environmental stress, lower blood pressure, sleep better and makes you feel happier!
Are Mindfulness Sessions covered by insurance?
Yes! The good news is that mindfulness is covered by insurance.  Receipts are provided as a naturotherapist under my membership with the AQTN.

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