JustBreathein.ca has had the pleasure to work with some amazing clients!  Helping them shift emotions, faulty beliefs, self-heal and just plain relax!  See some of this great feedback below….

I had the privilege to receive the help of Nicole / just breathe. Her approach, her caring ways , her wisdom and the ability to tune in to my emotions and read what my body was saying was a wonderful help. I did not feel alone and felt supported through my quest. She provided me with calm, comfort and clarity in my world of chaos. I am looking forward in continuing my journey with her. Thank you Nicole for doing such amazing work . I am forever grateful.


Hello everyone! Blessings to whomever is reading this. I am here to share my experience in working with Nicole from Just Breathe.
I was at the end of the rope, I was convinced my life was just about over. I did not see the point to continue living. I was sick, broken hearted, felt unworthy, demoralized, at the bottom of the pit. I was truly stuck in a dark hole feeling hopeless and obsolete. Experiencing the impacts of PTSD, anxiety, depression and very low self esteem ,living in darkness for over a decade. I had a psychotherapist before I met Nicole whom I worked with for several years and to whom I am very grateful for. Prior to my psychotherapy, I explored many types of therapies, such as: “Hypnosis”. As well as many other modalities. Reaching out to Nicole was a heaven sent into my life, I feel blessed, I am blessed!. I am forever grateful to Nicole Just Breathe. She really helped me change my life. She placed the ladder for me to climb out of that hole. She’s there always on time every step of the way. I felt the difference inside the very first day she worked on me, recharging my energy one session at the time! I felt “alive” for the first time in a long time.
I had had just a few sessions with  Nicole and, I was able to look back into my own eyes in the mirror... that left me speechless, something I had not done in years. Whatever  was stuck inside me began shifting  right away through Nicole’s work and energy healing. One of the things that still amazes me is: How much faster this whole process actually is in comparison to all of my previous teachings and treatments for what I am still grateful for of course. As life is a journey and,  sometimes we need a hand to lead us back towards the light that shines from within us.
Asi es, hechos esta!
Thank you, Gracias, MerciMy complete gratitude and respect to reiki, energy work Nicole Marie @ Just Breath she is a true healer.:pray::heart::airplane: .

Ave Fenix

Nicole is just so intuitive and empathic that it creates a very nurturing atmosphere to help her clients. I have spoken to many people who have seen Nicole and they are truly blown away by the experience. If you are looking for guidance in helping understand your life, reach out to her, she will aid in clarifying the questions that face you.

Jonathan R

Prior to the call, my nerves kicked in yet quickly calmed by Nicole's warm smile and soft spoken nature. Without giving her too much input, she went ahead and gave me clear answers and described the very situation I was going through. At the end of the reading I felt comforted and confident that I was heading in the right direction. This experience turned out to be more than a simple consultation, as I was left with a plan and a path to follow. I felt reassured and at peace. I know for sure Nicole is an old soul with lots of knowledge and guidance to offer.

If you are feeling unsure or frustrated about a certain situation or what direction you should take, I highly recommend Nicole to help you find your answers.

For her full blog on the experience click here 

KatherineHigh End Vibes Retreat

Nicole has helped me realize some of the unhealthy emotions I was carrying, and interpreted them in a way that was different from mine. She gave me the courage to act on my intuition, by realizing how detrimental it can be to ignore your instincts.

Today, I had my 1st reiki session on the recommendation of my great friend. What a fabulous experience...one I would recommend again and again!!
Nicole presents as genuine, caring and professional with a natural way about her putting you immediately at ease.
I am so grateful for the experience and positive about the outcome. I very much look forward to future sessions.

I felt an instant connection and just loved the positive energy and vibes from Nicole just over an initial phone call! I recently had my 1st reiki experience, followed by a tarot reading. I can’t describe my exact experience, but all I can say is that I was truly enlightened and loved my entire session!

Nicole is truly gifted at what she does, she is so professional and at the same time so present, supportive and really in tune with my intentions that I instantly felt so comfortable in her presence. During the entire session, I was just in awe and the effects that Reiki has had me left me mesmerized and wanting to learn a lot more about chakras, mindfulness and anything else that Nicole can offer!

I have already highly recommended Nicole to my friends and highly recommend anyone who would like to try Reiki or anything else that Nicole offers! Thank you 3x Nicole for the amazing quality of service and life-changing experience you have just given to me💕💫🙌🏽🤗I look forward to working more with you!

Thanks Nicole for your guidance and great ideas in helping me get clarity on a few things. I would highly recommend Nicole for readings if your needing direction in life. My Reiki session gave me strength to turn within for healing to take place. Love your work Nicole!

Wow! What a beautiful experience! Nicole was attentive and very professional. I would recommend her services to all my friends!