Welcome to JustBreathein.ca

Welcome to JustBreathein.ca

Welcome Guys,

My name is Nicole Marie and my personal mission is to help client’s calm down, relax and connect to their life purpose. This in turn creates a space for their own personal physical, metal, emotional and or spiritual transformation. Helping clients heal from inflicted traumas caused in the this life or past lives by delving into the aura and spiritual life force energy.  In addition, I provide practical steps that client’s can employ to successfully move past their resistance (blocks) and into their personal power.

Nicole from JustBreathein.ca is an intuitive healer and mindful-life coach. Under her naturotherapy designation she provides, reiki (distance sessions only right now), Pro Crystal Healing, tarot card and energy readings, life coaching, guided visualizations and workshops.

Clients respond well to her kind and gentle approach, where she offers a distinctive approach that makes others feel at ease through their healing journey. Every session is crafted uniquely for the individual to address their intentions and invite in more of the energy that they seek. Allowing for an amazing experience, designed to bring forth the gentle loving nature of a client’s soul.

As a member of the AQTN and Nicole is able to offer health insurance receipts for naturotherapy for most of services (reiki, crystal reiki, stress relief and mindfulness).

Nicole has been featured for my reiki work on Breakfast Televison Montreal!  I am also featured in the documentary  The Overly Emotional Child on Amazon.

What Nicole has studied:

Bachelor of Applied Science
Bachelor of Business

Reiki Practitioner training 100 hrs,
Reiki Master Certificate,
Certified Pro Crystal Healer,
Online Life Coach Certification,
Qi Gong Level 1,
Mindfulness Life Coach Certification,
Living works Start
Holistic Nutrition 1

Nicole’s Personal Journey

How this concept came to be…

I have been able to do a lot of amazing things in my life, travel and live throughout the world (Australia, UK, Canada), have an amazing corporate career,  create a family and my favorite thing – learn.   Along the way I have made equally amazing mistakes in growing a business, managing people and let stress get the better of me.

The years of struggle….

I was a person that let ego and fear drive the show and then wonder why I didn’t get the results I wanted.  I got confused between what was expected of me and what I actually wanted and let other people tell me what my life should be like and how I should do it.  Then I would personally beat myself up because I was not perfect and I felt like I was always wrong and never good enough.  I gave my power away to others that I thought had my best interests at heart only discover I was being manipulated.  Yuck!!!

Enough is Enough…

And then I had enough! Over the years got help from coaches, therapists and started studying esoteric practices and discovered who am I am and what I really wanted.  I started building a tool box of techniques that would help me be centered and ground me when I got off track and overwhelmed.

Because, let’s face it, with all the stuff that is going on in the world (family, conflicts, social media, making a living, intense energy changes) it is really easy to start the pity party, get off track and let your self-doubt run the show.

I am not perfect

I am not perfect, but I do my best to live with honesty and clarity with myself and others. To show compassion, loyalty and support to those that are around me.  Some days I will be awesome at it and other days well I could have done it differently – and yes, it’s ok!  I started doing work for myself as a marketer, healer, coach and author.  Not only because I love these things, they are my strengths and also a great way to help people be the best that they can be (one of my personal goals is to help others)!

The idea…

When I got pregnant, and found out I was going to be a mum,  I started thinking about the type of mum I wanted to be and thought about wanting to start to teach my daughter to live a life that is true to herself and give her exposure to the tools I use to cope with life around me. This included a combination of spirituality, psychology, science, healthy living, art and music.  I wanted to give her access to tools so that she feels confident in herself to be bold, take risks and be ok with making mistakes.  And when the time is right to define herself the way that she wants to be.  So when things don’t turn out the way that she would like  and reaches that point of conflict between her higher-self, the ego and what other people define her as – she has options.  She has the options to choose another path and feel good about doing it.  Essentially, I want her to have all the tools I had learned at an earlier age, so that she could be empowered. I started looking for books and tools that I could start introducing these concepts.  That is when I got the idea to start writing kids books and with encouragement from my life coach I started finding others who share my vision and want to create more relaxation in the world.  I also want to share what I have learned with others via reiki, tarot and workshops,  because if our kids need to be empowered we have to give ourselves as parents the permission to do it also.

So please keep an eye on this space, for workshops, courses, stories art and music and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Latest News:

I am studying to be a naturopath!

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