From Mindless to Mindful Eating

From Mindless to Mindful Eating

Look we have all done it! Shove food in our mouth and not think about it – we all have busy lives, I get it! We eat that quick packet of food or go into the drive through and get that “on the go” meal to nourish us. We may have barely had time to digest it and we are thinking about what am I going to cook for the family tonight! And then let’s not forget the awesome guilt for experiencing our indulgences!

During the summer, Sue-Anne from Body Topology (an awesome naturopath and weight loss specialist) and I got together to discuss a program we could do together to add value to our clients health and well being and that is how our workshop Mindless to Mindful Eating was born.  It will be a small workshop of 13 people maximum and tickets are sold through Eventbrite.

Together we will explore with participants going from mindless to mindful eating through exploring the dynamics of Body – Food | Mind – Thoughts | Soul – Spirit

 In this informative, hands on workshop we’ll dive into:

• Mindful Eating and how you can apply it every-day, including a meditation and practice exercises

• How eating right for your body type can transform your life

• A fun game to easily catch your negative thoughts and let them go

• Learn about the mind, body and spirit connection and how you can utilize this energy to reach your health goals

• Learn more about how crystals, healings and reiki can support your current life and health or weight loss program

Let’s stop feeling guilty for nourishing our cravings and start connecting with our real needs – the needs behind the food. Every food choice we make good or bad is based on our needs at the physical, mental, social and spiritual levels. Our subconscious for better or for worse may start making making associations with food, so for example, pizza, pasta and lasagna may be mapped to comfort. So we may learn if we eat these foods we gain comfort, because that is what we learned as child growing up. So instead of eating for the physical body we eat for our emotional need of comfort.

Other ways that practicing mindfulness helps us with our food choices include: 1) listening to our body and observing how we digest the food – does this food digest well in body? does it make me more hungry after eating it? It is surprising how often we ignore these cues because we social eat or have habits associated with our food. Our body tries to communicate to us all the time, so just take some time to observe and experiment if you need to! 2) Thinking about where the food was made and how it got to our table. Many times if we stop and think how foods came to be on our plate we would actually find the food to well not food and that can be a turn off to some. 3) Connect with the food, really take the time to slow down, taste the flavors, observe the textures and take the time to admire your feelings of wonder and appreciation for your food. This can go a long way in helping you choose the right foods for your body and assist in portion control. 4) Because I work with energy I would even recommend blessing and energizing your food to have the intention of providing you the greatest nourishment.

Taking the time to connect with our food and be mindful can have really great benefits! I know myself I like to indulge, but what I strive for is to create a balance and harmony that suits my system and I ask you to do to the same instead of just trying the next fad to loose a few pounds!

Make sure that with any diet changes that you seek professional advice from your doctor, dietitian, naturopath or health care professional.

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