Live Wellness Show for Kids

Live Wellness Show for Kids

Today, I am excited to officially launch my collaboration with Sonshine & Broccoli a children’s musical duo based out of Toronto.  We have been working together to create a Wellness Show for kids that incorporates breathing, yoga and positive affirmations with upbeat music, entertaining dialogue and audience engagement to empower kids and positive vibe parents about their mental, spiritual and physical health.

The live musical performance incorporates a part of Sonshine & Broccoli’s current musical play list and debuts their new song “Just Breathe”.  This song is also to be included in an upcoming book “Just Breathe”  which we have just started circulating to publishers.

The show begins…

It’s the end of another beautiful day for the performing duo and they need to get to bed early for their show the next day, but Broccoli isn’t tired, he can’t fall asleep and decides to stay up with his friend Gus (Sonshine & Broccoli’s adorable puppet friend) .  After some late night  shenanigans with Gus, Broccoli finds that he is sleepy, grumpy and unable to wake up!

Luckily, Sonshine knows that the show must go on, so with a little help from their sidekick, (No Fuss) Gus, Broccoli learns how positive affirmations, yoga, and eating right can help re-energize you for your day. However, when Broccoli is finally awake and ready to rock it out at the next show, his guitar string breaks and he has a complete meltdown. With help from his positive vibe pals, Broccoli discovers the power of breathing and relaxing to be in the moment to solve his problem. Which means he is able to fix his guitar and have his grand finale with Sonshine at the next show.

To learn more about our show visit Just Breathe Broccoli

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