Mindful Laughter Workshop

Mindful Laughter Workshop

Laughing and mindfulness is not something that we think should go together right?  Our judging minds may already be having a field day with mindfulness and laughter,  “Aren’t you meant to be quiet and still and calm?!!!”.

Well yes, you can be still and quiet if you like but there are so many ways that we can be mindful, that does not involve being still.  So why not try something fun like Mindful Laughter?

Mindful laughter is a unique program designed by Nicole and Aileen Borruel where we combine mindful breathing techniques and laughter to help you feel fun, care-free, relaxed and happy.  We designed this program specifically for corporate business to create a fun work environment, bonding and a different and unique way to connect with your team.

Mindful laughing is about creating a space where you can breath, relax and create the laughter from you.  It is not about creating laughter from jokes, or making fun of others but laughing from the pure perspective of just laughing, because we can.

If you like to see Mindful Laughter for yourself please check out our demo real!

And if you think you would like to have laugh with your group of friends, classmates or co-workers please feel free to reach out to us.  We can help you with your get-togethers, openings for events and fun lunch and learns!  Contact us for more information.