Working with Crystal Bracelets

Working with Crystal Bracelets

When I was a kid I remember a story about a girl needing to remember things and so she was told to tie some ribbon around her finger so she would never forget. Today we have smart phones carrying all things we need to do in our life – we can even use it as a positive reminder for things like exercising, eating right and breathing. But what ends up happening is that we go into our phone for one thing and end up on something else and that good intention of breathing or relaxing may have gone out the window.

This is why I love wearing my crystal bracelets. because when I look at them I remember, based on their properties, the positive affirmation I have associated with them.

One that I wear daily is to to remind me that I am protected, I am grounded and I am energized.

I have different ones for different purposes and because I have studied their crystalline properties and worked with them energetically I connect with them through their gorgeous colours, vibrations and frequencies.

Each stone I choose works harmoniously for my purpose to help me remember what I need to be reminded of so that when I get carried away with my day I can stop and look at my bracelet and remember what I need exactly – take that moment to be mindful.

Recently I have started making bracelets to bring harmony to each of our chakras and I also make custom ones based on clients needs. I also clear and charge the stones before and after making. And finally charge them with a reiki intent based on their own properties.

My bracelets based on the chakras are:

Base: Protection and Grounding
Sacral: I am Creative
Solar Plexus: Protection and Grounding
Heart: Limitless Self-Love
Throat: Compassionate Listening
Third Eye: Protected & Clear Intuition
Crown: My Divine Self
bracelets to harmonize the chakras!

If you would like to reach out to chat more about crystals or want to learn more about how I combine crystals with reiki please feel free to contact me! I am going to be Teaching a Crystal Clear at Energie Encorps an intro on how to use crystals. And I will be chatting with you about how our body responds to the different colours, vibrations and frequencies.

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