Why has reiki, tarot and crystals become more popular & the best way to work with them?

Why has reiki, tarot and crystals become more popular & the best way to work with them?

When I first studied reiki over 10 years ago, most people were confused about it and didn’t know what it was. It actually took me a while to explain what it is and what it can actually do for someone. Now people know more about reiki and its potential to relax and de-stress the body. Along with that everyone seems to have a set of tarot or oracle decks on hand to help them answer a personal question that is bothering them. Along with that deck most people also have or a good supply of crystals. People are not shy anymore to mention that they meditate with their crystals, have them by their pillow while they sleep or carry them in their purses and pockets to help them de-stress, bring in abundance, welcome love or just about anything they are currently working on that helps energetically support their personal development.

So this has lead me to ask the question why are reiki, tarot and crystals becoming more popular?

I think it seems from not being able to find the answers that we are looking for by conventional means. Thanks to our access to information on such a grand and accessible scale we are very quickly discovering that there is a lot we still don’t know about ourselves and the universe.

Irrespective of our age or generations we are all starting to connect in with the fact that the generations before us don’t have all the answers and we don’t either.  When I was younger I was told that elders know best and we should listen to their guidance. Now because of all the technology and all the content, we see the older generations and look at the them and think “Holy #$%, “You told me I could live my dreams and passions and my life would be amazing, but life isn’t as amazing as you told me it would be, life can be overwhelming stressful and demanding. I have to deal with what you dealt with plus all this overload of data and information in a face paced system. You don’t have a lot of solutions to deal with it.  I see you the generations before me and I see you in your societal traps of debts, family life, all work and no play time and I don’t want to live like that – I want to live differently.”  Every younger generation is told about ‘the dream’, having an easier life and the possibility of living differently to what they did. But is it really that easier?

We need solutions!

When we feel like this we need solutions to those feelings and we don’t always want to solve those feelings with conventional means or perhaps we have tried them and they don’t quite work or only work to 80% and this in when “woo woo” practices can seem like a good option, especially when you read about success stories online or your friends that find comfort in them.

So who comes to see me for reiki, tarot or crystal sessions?

People will usually come see me when they have finished or about to finish a major life mile stone and they are stuck.  People I tend to work with are:

1)Those that have hit the wall with their career, love life, life in general
2)At an impasse with their life partner or children or family
3)Have had a full life of doing things for others, family, kids, work and now they want to focus back on themselves but don’t know how to.  This includes younger generations who have lived their life out for others or thought they knew what they wanted and are now stuck
4)Have mental discomforts (depression, anxiety, stress) and physical (cancer and pain) illness and are looking for different ways to work with it and to get some form of release from the energy and spiritual perspective.

So if working with reiki, tarot and crystals seems exciting for you then by all means explore but they can not be you only source of change you need to do the work in physically in your body (eating well, exercise & medicines etc) and mentally and emotionally (seeking professional support when it is appropriate – we all need it!)

How to work with reiki, tarot and crystals:

Work with someone who is reputable. Some people like it best when they can see or work directly with the practitioner. But as I write this we are practicing social distancing, so you can still have all the same great effects and benefits through a remote session on Skype, Facetime or Whatsapp or Facebook video. I know a few of my fellow practitioners in the field prefer to work with you in person but you know what, working remotely is just as effective, it is just a different experience.

Why it works is the same reason it works ‘in person’ in my opinion, I work with your energy and the energy of things that have a consciousness. So if you are sitting across from me by a few inches or across the other side of the world I can still get a good sense of your needs. I still receive messages and insights. You still benefit from the goodness that is contained in sending you intentions of love, calm and relaxation.

At the end of the day these insights are what makes reiki, tarot and crystals so popular. It is these tools that ask us to look at our life differently and because we are looking at our life differently, we will ask different questions and then in turn get different answers. Remember you don’t solve a old problem by asking the same question.

I would love to hear about how you are using crystals, tarot and reiki and how it has changed your life!

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