I am now a Certified Pro Crystal Healer

I am now a Certified Pro Crystal Healer

I have some exciting news,I am now certified as a professional crystal Healer!  I can now offer crystal reiki officially as part of my services and my sessions can be covered by your health care coverage under NaturoTherapies.

My journey as a crystal healer

Over a year ago, I wanted to do another course to support my learning and growth as a healer.  And so appeared Krista Mitchell’s Pro Crystal Healer course.

While I was in Australia a few years back on a family vacation I visited this amazing place  – Crystal Castle near Bryon Bay Australia.  This is the place that all my website photos are from and adds to the amazing vibes and relaxation I wanted to instill in my client sessions!  Not only does this place inspire you with beautiful gardens, scenery and crystals.  It also had this cute little gift shop and bookstore.  While browsing through the titles Krista Mitchell’s book “Change your Energy” caught my eye.  It was an amazing book of all these crystal recipes, combinations and case studies of how crystal energy transformed her life and those of her clients.  I really resonated with her practical and open approach and started following her on social media.  Then a few months later I noticed that she was offering a course “Certified Pro Crystal Healer”.  It was a six month course and was a huge investment in terms of times, crystals and supporting books and literature.  And this course was worth it!

Not only was the content thorough and practical, it gave me time to self explore and come back to start on the next module with energy and enthusiasm.  Because when you are learning energy work, I find it can be easy to do, but you need time to integrate and attune it into all that you have learned.  You need to experiment and have guidance during that experimentation period which is what this course does through the homework logs and periods of practicum.  This is what built my confidence and my understanding of the crystals – because there is a lot to work with! You can find me with other pro-crystal healers here and also Krista’s website for her course.

Developing my psychic and healing abilities

This course really helped open up my psychic and healing abilities.  By giving me practical tools to ground and protect my energy in a client reiki session it helped me feel comfortable getting deeper into the healing practice and getting comfortable with working some of the other elements I was sensing and feeling in my healing work prior to the course such as psychic cords, attachments and entities.  I felt more comfortable and safe to deal with these topics and know that I was doing the right thing, and working with the rays of light and love to shift lower, harmful frequencies. And in turn helping my client feel uplifted and find their own path that is suited to their divine higher purpose or just feel awesome again!

What the crystals have to share

I also loved what I learned about each and every crystal I got to work with, which ended up being over 120 crystals.  Each crystal has a unique vibration and frequency that supports a function within our bodies (spiritual, mental and emotional) and their associated chakras.  It is amazing to see the difference a change in frequency or vibration can have on the healing system.

When I meditated and attuned with my crystals I was able to perceive their energy in terms of their energy body shape, their function and how they interacted with the body and chakras.  Each little beauty has its own unique mission and function just waiting to be of service.  I feel blessed that each and every day they join me in helping clients with:

  • Pain management
  • Anger release
  • Building intuition and inner guidance
  • Fertility
  • PMS
  • Healing from cancer – you can read more about my reiki work with cancer at the healing center here.
  • Immune boosting
  • Acceptance and self-love
  • And so much more….

If you want to learn more about crystal healing for your-self or because you love crystals and want to chat please feel free to contact me!

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