Reiki and Cancer

Reiki and Cancer

Over the last year I have been blessed in doing energy clearings, reiki treatments and crystal healings in the West Island, Montreal for individuals that are fighting cancer, in remission or have beat cancer and it has been the most rewarding experience.  Most months at the West Island Cancer Wellness Center I donate my time as a practitioner to provide a space of tranquility, relaxation and energization for those that come to the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre as part of their own healing journey.

The West Island Wellness Center is an oasis, and I feel blessed to be part of a larger team of healers and volunteers who share with our clients this special place where they can set intentions, relax, listen to the wisdom of their body and/or higher self or catch up on some much needed sleep, and rest. From time to time I even get to support the care-givers who are with their family members day and night, sharing the burden,  and who also need some support as they go through this challenging time.

Reiki, Cancer and the mind, body, spirit connection

As an energetic healer I see, feel and connect with the mind, body and spirit of my clients.  I feel blessed that I can energetically support individuals and help them relax and connect with their inner wisdom, so that they may feel empowered in their healing journey.  Louise Hay the founder of Hay House and author of “You Can Heal Your Life” said that sickness and “dis-ease” manifests from one of three sources 1) external environmental factors 2) Genetic make up 3) our beliefs.  And that our beliefs can be the biggest contributor to our mental, physical and spiritual health.  She also discovered that our body when sick contains within in it wisdom about how we are living our life and gives us hints to how we can start our healing journey.  For example, if we are living our life in a way that does not suit us it can manifest itself as a disease, a sore shoulder, skin rashes etc.  The good news is that when we  listen to what our body is saying and deal with this issue it is communicating to us we can then create an opportunity for healing and reducing our burdens.  Especially when you combine this with sound science and medical practices, this can result in powerful experiences. And in my opinion when you relax, meditate or do activities that allows us to get into a different frame of mind we can access this personal wisdom for our personal growth and healing.  Reiki is just one of many great tools that can help you to get there.  So if you have not had the opportunity to explore reiki as part of your treatment plan you might like to explore this option – the relaxation alone is generally what clients value the most about reiki.

Reiki during cancer treatments

Cancer treatments kill the cancer, and they are also harsh on the body, mind and spirit, striping people of their energy and life force (or chi). So having a place where individuals can go like the wellness center, where they are supported is an important part to their journey (in my opinion). Where reiki comes into the picture is that it can be used as an energy recharge and boost to help support individuals after they had radiation or chemo treatments, because when you relax (like you do in an reiki session) your body is given the opportunity to heal itself. Some of my clients at the center that have been able to see me on multiple occasions have felt that they benefited from reiki because its relaxation benefits assisted in i) increasing their perceived energy levels, ii) helped them deal better with their pain and iii) become more resilient to face more treatments. For me as an outside observer this resilience, this drive, is what supports their overall healing process and puts them in the driver’s seat for their health so that they have the strength, resolve and motivation to eat well, exercise, sleep as best as they can and go through more treatments. In my opinion this allows those with cancer to take all the steps needed for their mind, body and spirit to take the steps towards better health.

The benefits of including reiki as part of your cancer beating strategy

For me, I have had family and friends that have had cancer, leave this life, beat it, live with it or live with the fear of it returning. So as someone that can give a little positive energy, support and love through my reiki work it is such a reward to see the gratitude from my clients when they come in tired and feel rejuvenated or when they come in to catch up on some needed rest.  But my most favorite part is as they leave they feel that they have more love, hope and support to keep going and irrespective of the outcome this adds to the quality of their life.

Reiki Blessing

To anyone reading this I send you blessings, love and light from the universe.  As you read this, may beautiful white, healing, energy envelope your body and rejuvenate every cell in your body.  May you find the strength and determination to continue your journey to find solutions, medicines and techniques that aid in your healing.  May all your worries and fears be washed away and be replaced with the graciousness, gratitude and love that you deserve. You have the power, trust in your healing journey.

Where you can get additional support

If you live in or close to Montreal and you or a loved one has cancer you can reach out to the Wellness Center for support.  If you are not in the area you can also call them at their hotline via the “Living Well With Cancer Network” information line.  This line is available to anyone living with cancer – either having it themselves or caring for someone who does.  The focus is to help you seek information on the cancer wellness resources available in your community.

The information line can be accessed Monday-to-Fridays from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. Outside these hours, please leave a message and your call will be returned the next business day.  The number to call in the Greater Montreal and surrounding areas is:  (514) 695-9355.  The toll-free number for long-distance callers is: 1-833-274-9355.


Please note that this article is based on my personal opinions and experiences on reiki and cancer.  Please make sure that you consult with your doctor if you or your loved one have cancer to determine if reiki is right for you.

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